VX-900 Programming

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VX-900 Programming

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can you believe i registered to reply to a nearly 20 year old thread? but this just shows how miniscule the amount of technical information there is for certain vertex standard series. in my case, a saber astro ii was the gateway drug and then i discovered vertex and now have 3 of them, a p829 vhf, 829 uhf lo, and 929 uhf high.

but what i'm on the hunt for is how to do field programming or front panel programming. for the p829, the dealer supplied a custom build of ce76 labeled ce106 talon and if launched with the '-f' switch will insert a field programming menu. but without further info, i'm terrified to actually try to write to my new radio.

the dealer furnished me a .doc file which details how to actually program the radio, but what i'm missing in the bit from writing from the software the programming options (what parameters you can enter from the radio) and how to get the radio into that mode. i realize carl's post outlines how to do it, but my radio is like 20 years newer and a completely different mode.

vertex dealers sell a 'key' or a ck-10, but it appears to be a short cable with an rs-232 and some sort of ?din? plug and i don't have the cable which uses and actual rs-232 and converter--i have a virtual rs-232 built into a ftdi usb cable, so i can't see how the ck-10 would help and in any case it's $75 and would likely be another $75 to get the rs-232 cable and interface box for it.

anyway, is anyone still alive in here? :) :) :) /guy (73 de kg5gt | wqpz784)
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