MC-53DM mic problem on TM-V7A

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MC-53DM mic problem on TM-V7A

Post by sirtiksalot » Sun Jan 20, 2008 12:36 am

The plastic prong broke off the outside of the RJ45 connector on my MC-53DM mic cord, so I got a new RJ45 connector and replaced it. The original connector was always loose in the socket, and the new one is the same way, but the mic doesn't even light up now unless I push in hard on the connector, and then when the mic lights up, the radio is in a constant TX mode and none of the buttons or the PTT function. I used the original RJ45 connector as a guide for pinning the new one, and when I compare them side by side they appear to me to be identical. One thing I did find was that there is some non-insulated wire in the mic cord that was not connected to any of the pins on the original connector as far as I could tell. Any ideas??? This is very frustrating with storm season approaching soon, and I have to have my radio operating before the 2008 Chase Season begins!

Broken Arrow, OK

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Re: MC-53DM mic problem on TM-V7A

Post by bimmerdad » Mon Jan 21, 2008 2:26 pm


Can you send me the color codes from your MC-53DM. I need to wire an RJ45 onto mine but can't seem to find the color codes anywhere.



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