Kenwood TK760h programming question

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Kenwood TK760h programming question

Post by semtex » Wed Mar 22, 2006 12:08 am

Ok, I am using the KPG-29D programming software to program my mobile radio. Can anyone tell me what all the features are because the help file really doesnt explain what the features are or what they do. For example what is

PTT id
Dial id
Connect id
Disconnect id
Transpond Tone
clear to transpoond
beep tone

Also in the programming interface where you put in channels what is the

Opt Sig colum
and the PTT id colum
and the W/N Scn colum for

Sorry I am new to programming and I tried to find a guide or tutorial for this software and found nothing

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Post by westcoaster » Sun Jun 18, 2006 2:53 am

*disclaimer* This is my translation of what these functions are. someone with far better knowledge than I, may be able to correct some of my (mis)understanding!... (I just replied becauseno one else has yet... :lol: )

PTT = transmit
ANI = automatic number identifier (call display in telephone terms)
DTMF = dual tone multi frequency (touch tone or the beeps you hear when you dial a telephone number)

PTT ID = transmit identifier (each radio can have a unique identifier so if someone in a group of radio's starts barking like a dog, you are still able to identify what radio is making the noise)
Dial id = transmit identifier entered manually
connect/disconnect ID = used for repeaters? you wouldn't want just anyone to connect to your repeter. Right?

w/n is for wide or narrow channels I think a wide channel is 15 kHz and a narrow channel is 5 kHz.... Something like that anyway.... Basically you can fit more narrow channels into the same space wide channels used to occupy.

scn adds or deletes the channel from the scan list. If you were to have the D/A button programmed on the radio, you can add or delete scan channels through the front face.

Opt Sig colum
Because a two way radio is one big "party line" you may not want to listen to everyone's chatter. So to hear only the people you want to hear and cut out the rest, the radio uses "signaling" to un-mute the radio and let you listen to the party that has transmitted the code that matched the one in your radio.

clear to transpoond
Because you have muted the other channel users with your signaling (they are still there and transmitting, you just can't hear them) you will need a way of knowing when the channel is clear to transmit. the radio will block you from transmitting when the channel is busy and allow you to transmit when the channel is clear....

Do yourself a favor and turn "beep tones" off.... every time you touch a button on the radio to chance a channel, delete or add a channel to the scan it will beep at you. I find it to be unnecessary noise.

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Re: Kenwood TK760h programming question

Post by jeff8abug » Fri Feb 08, 2008 12:40 pm

Channel spacing is 25 kHz or 12 Khz generally 25 by default in these bands.....just thought I'd correct that. Cheers

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