CH721 Upgrading

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CH721 Upgrading

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I have a CH721 with an M5300 that I am trying to upgrade. I've already attempted this on one CH721 with utter failure (the display shows HW Failure on the first) so I thought maybe I'd try this again. Unfortunately, I believe I have to do this because I upgraded the firmware on the M5300 and when the CH721 is on, it restarts every 2 minutes or so. Using a new CH721 with the M5300, it does not occur.

I get to the SER Download (by pressing A/B and powering on) and follow the instructions, using SUploadBurnApp.bat. I enter the COM port and it connects to the CH721. It then says not to remove the power on the display and then gets stuck at Loading, Please wait... The batch file says that it reached the maximum word count and then eventually times out.

Any thoughts on what I'm doing wrong? I'm using the latest release of firmware R06D13 including the burnapp for the Ch721.

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