Mastr III System module problems

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Mastr III System module problems

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Have a (VHF) Mastr 3, older style modules (non-racing stripe); it was set up for Repeater, 2 wire remote, DC control. Read it, saved it, then went to build a new program with tone remote control; just made a new codeplug using F4 in the menu; manually copied over freq. pl, & values. Told the PC to program, and when it came time to verify the write, it came back "Error in verify".

Now, reading the codeplug out of the station is rather hosed; 6 channels of VHF freq, no pl tones, DC control, and RX Synth. unlocked.

I've tried resetting the System module using the F7 key and recycling the station, then putting another completely new program in; no joy, still comes back with "Error in verify". In fact, this codeplug believes it's a Mastr IIe.

I have a spare System module which took a new tone remote program OK; just have to do some audio alignment.

Anyone ever successfully un-hosed a System Module?


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