Orion Encoder Tones

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Orion Encoder Tones

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I am trying to find out how many diffrent sets of encoder tone you can program into an Orion. I am wanting to have 4 seperate encoder tone sets programmed into my departments dispatch radio. One would be for our department, the other 3 are for neighboring departments that use our frequency for dispatching. We have been having problems with our primary dispatch center losing their console and by that the ability to dispatch us. I am hoping to be able to program our radio with all four tones so we could handle dispatching for all 4 departments during these times our dispatch center goes dead. currently we all have to dispatch ourselves but would be nice if a member from each department could rotate sitting at our station and tones any of us out as needed.

If anyone has the info, or another idea of how to handle this problem please reply. Thanks
Dan Collins - Telecommunicator
Cahokia, IL Police Department

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