Split frequencies on VX-170

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Split frequencies on VX-170

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A friend of mine purchased a Yaesu VX-170 radio and is interested in listening to public safety frequencies in the area. All the frequencies have so far been easy to program without any problem except for one.

155.7525. We are unable to enter it at all with the software. I thought it may be the split frequency, however 151.1375 works fine.

Any ideas on what to do?

Thank you!

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Re: Split frequencies on VX-170

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The radio will only allow you to enter an odd split that is a multiple of the 12.5 kHz synthesizer step. If you set his radio to menu item 49 which is "Step", you can try the 12.5 setting to see what frequencies it will allow you to program. Unfortunately, .7525 doesn't work. the closest odd split is 155.7375 and 155.7625, and the closest frequencies are 155.7500 and 155.7550. The 155.7500 is close enough that your friend should be able to hear the 155.7525 traffic.

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