FT-840 FM Mode

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FT-840 FM Mode

Post by jeff4570 »

Im new to this rig , just found out it doesn't work on FM Mode , I get RF RX indication but no RX audio and no transmit carrier .
THe manual speaks of a FM-747 optional narrow band FM board , does this mean thats the board needed to operate FM on 10m ???
Afterall it doesn't say anything about WIDEBAND FM (?)

If this is the case , anyone know if such a board is available ??

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Yaesu FT-840 Tranceiver FM Operation

Post by Ghostwriter »

I just went to the Amateur Electronics Supply webpage:


I did a search for the FM-747 FM Module for the FT-840 transceiver and it's still available for $70.00 New. This is what you need for the transceiver to operate on the NBFM (30 KHz) channels above the 29 MHz portion of the band.

You do not need to use AES as the Yaesu dealer if you've got a Yaesu Amateur Radio Dealer closer to your home.

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